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Marital Killings – Is Georgian Society Guilty?

Author: By Zaza Jgharkava

Following a murder at Ilia State University in Tbilisi on October 17 the Government of Georgia has come under pressure to address the increasing number of wives being murdered by their husbands in the country.

The rising number of domestic violence cases in Georgia has reached a dangerous level where a national response is demanded. Based on data from the last five months, 18 women have been killed in acts of domestic violence. Statistics from the five months before that were similarly severe as, from January to May, 12 women were killed by their husbands. It has also been shown that such murders, traditionally more common in the regions of the country, have also been taking place in Tbilisi

The murder at Ilia State University led the government to call an emergency meeting while the parliament prepared a new legislative package. “We vote for the bill on the background of horrible tragedy that took place at the Ilia University. Maybe with these laws we can respond to the grave situation but only law cannot help it,” the Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili said during the third hearing of the bill.

According to the new legislation, people affected by domestic violence will be given additional rights. The legislative package will ensure the rights of the victims and increase security guarantees. Persons affected by domestic violence will be entitled to turn to the relevant state body and demand compensation for damage caused by domestic violence, to receive compensation following the set procedure, to use free legal aid, free primary and emergency medical and to receive psychological support among other options.

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Tbilisi and Bristol Celebrate 26 Years of Twinning

Author: By Joseph Alexander Smith

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Georgia, Alexandra Hall Hall, has hosted a reception in honor of the visit of the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councilor Alastair Watson and members of the Bristol-Tbilisi Twinning Association.

The twinning relationship between the Georgian Capital and Britain’s 8th largest city has a 26 year history, and aims to promote business, tourism and cultural links between the two cities.

“I am absolutely delighted to host the Lord Mayor and the Bristol delegation, as well as the Mayor of Tbilisi and so many friends of Bristol and Tbilisi at my Embassy,” Ambassador Hall Hall said in an Embassy press release. “These links are a remarkable example of friendship and dedication between UK and Georgia ... I am also very pleased to see the potential of developing business and tourist ties between Bristol and Tbilisi. The UK supports Georgia’s EU integration and the Bristol-Tbilisi relationship is another way to support the promotion of business and trade between our two countries.”

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