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Georgia’s Vision on Climate Change

Author: By Mayya Kelova

The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is fast becoming unbearable, stated UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the opening ceremony of the Global Climate Summit on September 23 in New York. “We need a clear shared vision,” he pleaded.

More than 120 Heads of State and Government, business, finance and civil society representatives gathered at UN Headquarters to announce their commitments and practical actions being undertaken to cut gas emissions, stop deforestation, enhance resistance to climate change and mobilize financing for climate action.

Irakli Gharibashvili, the Prime Minister of Georgia, addressed Georgia’s current issues during the summit and highlighted the ongoing projects that are aiming to change the situation in the country.

“In my country, climate change is leading to increased warming, the reduction of water input transboundary basins, extreme weather events, and climate related hazards,” PM Gharibashvili said. He also mentioned the mountainous territory of Georgia, and its high susceptibility to floods, landslides and mudslides, as well as the country’s vulnerability to rising sea levels, storms and coastal erosion that has intensified and resulted in the destruction of parts of the coastline and infrastructure.

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‘Guerrillas in the Mist?’ – Georgia’s Disappearing ‘Rebel Training Camp’

Author: By Joseph Alexander Smith

Georgian security officials have been left red-faced this week after the government backtracked on a widely-publicized offer to assist the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) militia by establishing a training camp in Georgia for Syrian rebels fighting the group.

The controversy arose last Tuesday after Foreign Policy magazine published comments by an unnamed U.S. security official who claimed that Georgia was prepared to host a training facility for Syrian fighters. The article went on to quote Georgia’s Ambassador to the US Archil Gegeshidze as saying “[the training center] was something we offered, but is still under consideration.” Apparently the offer was made to US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during his visit to Tbilisi in early September.

Within a few hours of the article’s publication, Georgia’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement which, while confirming Georgia’s commitment to supporting the US-led anti-IS coalition, ruled out the deployment of Georgian forces on the ground. The statement did not explicitly confirm or deny that any training facility had been proposed, saying simply that “alongside international partners and the coalition members, different ways are under discussion to neutralize the terrorist threats endangering peace and security in the region and its democratic development.”

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