Theological Seminary Students Protest against Condom Company

The students of Georgia’s Theological Seminary, run by the Patriarchate of Georgian Orthodox Church, have organized a protest rally against AIISA company which produces condoms wrapped in packets with prints of Georgian Queen and Saint – Tamar.

Moreover, AIISA condoms are also depicting prints of various famous persons, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Stalin, Adam and Eva and many quotes from Georgia’s famous poem- The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, written in the era of queen Tamar. 

The protesters gathered at the old building of parliament on Rustaveli Avenue, saying AIISA insulted the religious feelings, calling their actions “blasphemy.” 

The rally was peaceful and according to the students, they call on the government to adopt amendments which will “restrict freedom of expression if it contradicts moral.”

“We ask the government to adopt a law that will balance the national values and protect the Christian society from insulting, "said the organizer of the rally, a student, Ivane Chighladze.
He added that the wrappings of AIISA condoms contradict Christianity and moral.

“We are protesting against AIISA and Christian symbols on their condom packets,” he stressed.

After the rally was launched, the leaders of the far-right, ultra-nationalist Georgian March leaders, Sandro Bregadze and Gia Korkotashvili also joined the students.

However, the organizers asked them to leave, explaining this was the rally of students only.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Netgazeti



20 April 2018 11:05