On May 6, Georgia Runs with the World Again!

The Wings for Life World Run is to kick off at 3 pm on May 6, in Kakheti, with a trail that runs along the Lopota edge of the Caucasus Range.

On this day, professional athletes, amateurs and people using wheelchairs will “run” together.

Aside from an 18+ age limit, World Run has no restrictions. Last year the oldest runner was Shota Samushia, 94 years old.

This year the sports event will be held with the full support and organization of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Registration of participants has already begun, with 7000 expected in Georgia alone, including Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikheil Giorgadze, and Deputy Minister Shalva Gogoladze. The number of people applying to participate on the App ‘Run’ is growing by the day.

In 2017, more than a hundred thousand runners were involved in 110 locations of 58 countries on 6 continents, on a total of 1431183 kilometers.

The Wings for Life World Run is unique because of its defined range of distance and time, with no traditional finish line, just a "finish car" which, 30 minutes after the start, will begin moving at a speed of 15 km/h and gradually accelerate to 35 km/h. If the "finish car" overtakes a runner, they are out of the competition. The runners will be taken back to the start by bus. Every fifty kilometer, runners will be given a soft drink and fruit.

Two winners of World Run, one woman and one man, will be chosen for a special 4-week course in preparation for the 2019 World Run.

Nino Mikadze (29 km) and Giorgi Shekrelidze (35,43 km) were the winners of the Georgian race in 2017. Nino Mikadze decided to run in Brazil this year while Giorgi Shekrelidze is going to run in Kakheti again. Last year's global winner, Aron Anderson, got 92.14 km with a wheelchair. The female winner was Dominica Stella (68,21 km).

The registration of participants began in October 2017 and will be open until May 3 or before the end of the limit, through the website www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com. The cost of participation in Georgia is 30 GEL. The sum received by the event will be fully transferred to the Wings for Life Foundation to conduct medical and clinical trials for the treatment of spinal cord injuries

The Wings for Life and the Red Bull organizing group will transfer the funds to the Wings for Life Fund through EMS (European Merchant Services) through the tax system.

The active involvement of participants of the World Run, and enhancing the popularity of the event every year, is thanks to its Goodwill Ambassadors. In Georgia, these are Maya Azarashvili (sports director of the event); basketball player Rezi Rogava; silver medal winner of the Rio Olympics, Varlam Liparteliani; Olympic champions Wrestler Vladimer Khinchegashvili and Lasha Talakhadze; wrestlers Mevlud Meladze and Dada Kajaia; skater Iva Tsiklauri; rugby player Vasil Lobzhanidze; Paralympic participant Irma Khetsuriani; swimmer Henry Kuprashvili; amateur morben Giga Dzuliashvili and Tamar Gelashvili.

Not only athletes are actively involved in the project. Goodwill Ambassadors are: intellectual Giorgi Bakradze; musicians Elene Kalandadze and Achiko Guledani; celebrities: Irakli Gaprindashvili, Nika Grigolia, Keti Khatiashvili, Irakli Kakabadze, Nino Mayashvili, Mirian Jejelava, and Merab Dukashvili; fitness Instructor Nino Goguadze; photographer Mari Nakani; and football player Natia Skhirtladze.

Wings for Life World Run Georgia is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and organized by the National Federation of Sport "Sport for Everyone."

Several facts about the 2017 World Run in Georgia:

In 2017, 5000 people were registered in Georgia. Due to the expiry of the limit of participants, the registration was canceled 6 days early.

The driver of the finish car was racer Mevlud Meladze - the fastest driver in Georgia driving the slowest car.

In 2017, Shota Samushia, 94, was the oldest participant in the world.

A concert was held with the participation of Georgian musical groups after the completion of the race.

In 2017, around 200 companies participated in the World Run in Kakheti.

19 April 2018 20:36