That Special Feeling at Casino Jewel

To grasp the full feel and essence of Casino Jewel, you will be greeted by our dedicated hostesses, who will show you around and introduce you to the vibe of the place.

First and foremost, Casino Jewel prides itself on personalized service, which means giving personal attention to everyone who enters to explore the Casino.

Casino Jewel fortifies its care policies with a three-tier loyalty program, which is offered with a personalized concierge service and 24/7 helpline for any of client requests. With Jewel Loyalty, customers receive discounts and special treatment at over 50 well-known restaurants, spas, beauty salons and other facilities throughout Georgia. If you need help planning your trip to Tbilisi or Georgia, a personalized travel agent from the casino's personnel will be able to design your itinerary, which will include all your preferences.

29 Rustaveli Ave. 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

19 April 2018 20:36