Tatunashvili Lawyer: Organs Missing from Body

Some organs are reported to be missing from the body of 35-year-old Archil Tatunashvili, who died in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia in unclear circumstances on February 23.

The information was released by Tatunashvili’s lawyer, Tamar Avaliani.

The puppet regime at first refused to hand Tatunashvili’s body over to Georgia-proper authorities following his death in custody. However, late on March 20, his body was transferred to the Georgia-proper side of the boundary line and on March 24, he was buried with military honor at Mukhatgverdi military cemetery on the outskirts of Tbilisi.

The lawyer stated the Prosecutor’s Office updated Tatunashvili’s family on the progress of the ongoing investigation, underway under articles 143 and 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, involving unlawful imprisonment and murder. 

“Archil Tatunashvili's family is demanding the transfer of Tatunashvili's organs as well as medical and legal documents through the international organizations,” Tamar Avaliani stated.

Georgia’s Interior Minister, Giorgi Gakharia, vows that the State will use all possible mechanisms required for thorough expertise.

“As for getting the organs back, our main task is to make our examination effective and comprehensive. The examination is the main tool for completing the investigative process. Therefore, we will use all means necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination, including inviting international experts,” the Minister added.

By Thea Morrison

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18 April 2018 12:11