Adjara Advertisement Is on Euronews

Popular media outlet Euronews has launched an advertisement about Georgia’s western region Adjara.

The viewers of Euronews in around 195 countries have already seen the advertisement, which depicts Adjara’s tourist destinations and products.

The journalists of Euronews visited Adjara in early April. They traveled to mountainous Adjara, ski resort Goderdzi and Mtirala National Park. They also filmed the Black Sea Coastal city Batumi and its sights.

Euronews journalists will visit Adjara twice more before the end of the year. In the summer, they will prepare a long blog about travel in the region and in the autumn, the crew of program "Focus" will shoot the World Chess Olympiad in Adjara.

The Chair of Tourism Department of Adjara, Sulkhan Glonti says that broadcasting of Adjara advertisements on Euronews and BBC is aimed at popularization of tourism in the region.

“At the same time we plan to launch Adjara's video clips on the international television stations like Deutchevelle and CNN. TV advertisements will be added to the local TV stations of the target countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,” he added.

Moreover, TV advertisements, programs and news about Adjara will be broadcast by local TV stations of 16 target countries.

By Thea Morrison

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