Metal Group Rotting Christ Arrested in Georgia on Terrorism Charges

Reports have reached the public that last Thursday, 12 April, members of the Greek black metal band 'Rotting Christ' were arrested by Georgian authorities on terrorism charges connected to their band name. 

The Frontman, Sakis Tolis, explained the arrest came from accusations of Satanism. Numerous music magazines have reported on the arrest this week as the metal music industry is shocked by the arrest.

According to the band, when trying to exit the country, border police confiscated their passports and mobile phones before taking them to a prison cell. Initially, the police kept the reason for the arrest confidential, which caused further confusion among the band members.

“Our lawyers informed us later that we are on a list of unwanted persons of national security that branded us as Satanists and therefore suspects of terrorism,” Sakis Tolis elaborated, and continued: “Without previous warning and no official reason, we found ourselves in jail, locked in a small and rather dirty cell and without being permitted any contact with the outside world or legal representation or our embassy for 12 hours. Conditions were bad and no further information was provided during this time.”

The release wasn’t an easy endeavor, but as two band members weren’t on the arrest warrant, they informed their local promoter to get the others out of prison. “Luckily, only the names ‘Tolis’ were on the list and the other two band members started to work with the local promoter to get us out of prison and to start legal procedures,” explained Sakis Tolis the release efforts.

“Due to the hard work of the local promoter, who involved legal experts, journalists, and activists in Georgia, we were finally released. We are extremely grateful to everybody involved in this process. In the end, we were even able to perform our show and it turned out to be a fantastic night. We would also like to thank all our Georgian metal brothers for their overwhelming support,” the band told their Georgian fans.

By Benjamin Music

Photo: Rotting Christ at their concert in Armenia after successfully leaving Georgia

17 April 2018 11:13