New Complex Batumi View: a Place of Incomparable Magic


The history of investment company Rekan Group Georgia started on the territory of Georgia in 2014. The company is owned by the brand network Rekan Group and Hawkary Group, their main activity being the construction of residential complexes and trade facilities. The main factors of the company's successful activities are quality control, correct strategy, effective management and protection of customer's interests.

The new multifunctional complex being implemented on the New Boulevard of Batumi just 20 meters from the Black Sea Coast is expected to be complete in spring 2019.

GEORGIA TODAY spoke to the company’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Irma Kamadadze, to find out more about the new project.

What kind of complex is Batumi View?

Batumi View is a new multifunctional complex that combines a large 5-star hotel and three residential buildings. The Batumi View complex will be surrounded by a developed infrastructure, which is the key to a comfortable life, and will include facilities such as an open swimming pool, SPA, tennis court, dining areas, gym, children’s playground, and a comfortable parking system - underground and above-ground parking places. There will also be stores and markets on the ground floors of each of the residential buildings.

How can customers pay?

Customers can purchase their premium class apartments by paying in full or by covering the cost gradually- first with a 30% down-payment and then with interest-free installments for up to 24 months. Batumi View has various apartment types on offer with a starting price for 1sq.meter of $1000 (with mountain view) and $1400 (with direct sea view).

What benefits can Batumi View offer its clients?

The space of apartments starts from net 32/sqm. In addition, those who buy apartments at Batumi View have the chance to make a profit from their own investments, with buyers able to rent their new apartment independently or transfer them to a Management Company, which will provide 24-hour online-control of apartment rent and professional service.

How would you describe this new project?

It’s a unique project. There is no other residential complex in Batumi as close to the sea. It’s the ideal place in which to enjoy the very best comforts in life. Our motto is: An Unbeatable Magical Location!

By Nia Pataraia

16 April 2018 20:13