Kumsishvili on the Latest IMF Support

The successful completion of the second Extended Financing Facility (EFF) review confirms that the International Monetary Fund supports the economic policy of the Government of Georgia.

“The International Monetary Fund [IMF] has evaluated as successful the implementation of economic reforms, the majority of which are defined in our action plan,” said Dimitry Kumsishvili, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development. “The high economic growth witnessed in Georgia in 2017 continues in 2018, a firm foundation upon which to execute the obligations set out in the plan. The government will maintain the successful progress of reform implementation,” he added.

Kumsishvili also said that in 2017, Georgia saw 5% economic growth "which significantly exceeds the initial expectations." Speaking about the positive dynamics of FDIs, he highlighted the volume of direct foreign investments made in Georgia in 2017 which reached $1.861 million, a16.2 % increase on 2016.

“For the fast economic development of the country, it is necessary that the public feel that the government is pursuing a proper and consistent economic policy,” he concluded.

Katie Ruth Davies

16 April 2018 18:12