Mayor: TTC Successfully Substituted Parking Company C.T. Park

Tbilisi Mayor’s Office reports that Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC) has successfully taken on all responsibilities of the company C.T. Park, which stopped managing the parking system in the capital on April 10.

Several days ago, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and the Director of Tbilisi Transport Company, Mamuka Kobakhidze, visited central office of Tbilisi Parking, under TTC, located on Tsabadze Street, Tbilisi.

Kaladze explained that the TTC is fully prepared and will handle all parking management-related issues.

“At the beginning, people were skeptical of the process. But as you can see, TTC has all means to properly implement parking management in the City. I promise you, these individuals will provide the best possible services for our city and bring everything to much needed order. To satisfy these needs, the company is fully equipped. I would like to wish them success in their work,” the Mayor said.

He also added that Tbilisi will have a new transport policy which includes developing the existing parking system and arranging underground parking spaces.

“The work has begun and we will be able to solve this problem in the near future,” he claimed, adding that Tbilisi City Hall has complex approaches to the development of the parking system. As he explained, the fine-issuing authority should be under municipal jurisdiction and not under the control of a private entity.

“In the near future, we will reveal our plan and the relevant concept for parking fees – whether they be hourly or zonal. As for issuing fines, we believe it should be under municipal jurisdiction. In most EU countries, private companies do not provide these services. The authority to issue a fine should be with the municipality. Fines should not be directly linked with a business as was the case with C.T. Park,” he stated.

Following the abolition of the contract with C.T. Park, 102 employees of C.T. Park were transferred to the Tbilisi Parking Office of TTC.

By Thea Morrison

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16 April 2018 13:58