84-Year-Old Adjaran Guide Awarded for Contribution to Tourism Development

Guguli Makharadze, an 84-year old tour guide from Georgia’s Adjara region, was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her contribution to tourism development.

Makharadze started work as a guide when she was 24, and for 30 years informed visitors to the country about the tourism potential of the region. Even now, she remembers all the routes and the history of the monuments and sights by heart.

“I started really living when I became a guide," she says. "This is a very big responsibility because you're communicate with people you do not know and you need to make them love your country. I remember the first excursion on May 1, 1963."

Guguli Makharadze was awarded by Sulkhan Glonti, Chairman of Tourism Department of Adjara. He spoke about the merit of the 84-year-old guide, adding it would be great if Adjara had more guides like her.

“Guguli Magradze remembers all the nuances and important details that are necessary for a professional guide,” Glonti stated and thanked her for her hard work.

By Thea Morrison

13 April 2018 08:18