Euronews Journalists Visit Georgia’s Adjara

The journalists of popular media outlet Euronews program “Adventures” are making a film about Georgia’s western region Adjara.

The journalists have already traveled to mountainous Adjara, ski resort Goderdzi and Mtirala National Park. They have also filmed the Black Sea Coastal city Batumi and its sights.

Up to a million viewers of Euronews will be able to see the film late April.

Euronews journalists will visit Adjara twice more before the end of the year. In the summer, they will prepare a long blog about travel in the region and in the autumn, the crew of program "Focus" will shoot the World Chess Olympiad in Adjara.

In addition to the programs, a special video of Adjara will also be broadcast on Euronews. Through the broadcaster, the products and services of the Georgian region will be shown in more than 200 countries.

“Last year, we launched a successful advertising campaign on Euronews, but this time it is more diverse. Attracting tourists to the region, creating a positive image of the country and region, should be done by such media outlets,” Nino Khakhubia, Head of Public Relations and Advertising Service of the Adjara Tourism Department, stated.

She added that journalists from all 16 target countries will be invited to Adjara to introduce their citizens to the region via interesting articles, blogs, reports and programs.

Last year, in September, Euronews dedicated a story to Georgia’s Adjara, noting that it is Georgia’s third largest city and the capital of the autonomous Adjara region. 

By Thea Morrison

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06 April 2018 09:23