Gulf Launches Book Collection for Schools & Libraries in the Regions

From March 29, Gulf, in collaboration with the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, launched the project “Tsignieri”. Within the project, books will be collected for regional schools and libraries at all Gulf refueling stations. Moreover, Gulf will provide free fuel for mountainous regions’ schools where the transportation of teachers and students is problematic.

The project will be extensive and everyone is welcome to participate. It aims to raise the education level in the regions, for which it is essential to develop libraries, renovate their book storage and to supply schools with the latest literature.

The project was presented at the national library exhibition hall, where guests received detailed information about the upcoming events. Visitors were required to bring at least one book.

Collected books are to be sent to the Tsilkani library, while schools in Pshavi and Gurdukhi will be the first to be supplied with a free fuel. The National library will send out books to schools and libraries every month.

To support the project “Tsignieri,” Gulf has launched a new web platform where schools can easily ask for fuel if necessary.

Nia Pataraia

02 April 2018 19:09