14 Medals for Georgian Judo Association

An international competition of the International Judo Federation took place in Tbilisi this weekend. At the Tbilisi Grand Prix, Georgia dominated the ranking, together with France, while Brazil, Israel, and Slovenia placed third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

France and Georgia both received 5 gold medals. Georgia received 3 silver medals, whereas France only received one. Overall, Georgia received 14, while France, placing second place in the country ranking, received a “mere” 10.

It was a celebratory closing ceremony honoring the contributions by the judokas for the national sport. Judo is highly valued in Georgia and attracts hundreds of young Georgians every year to start practicing.

The Georgian winners are as follows, according to the weight category:

Five Gold: Guram Tushishvili in the +100kg category; Tamaz Kirakozashvili in the -81kg category; Lasha Shavdatuashvili in the -73kg category; Vazha Margvelashvili in the -66kg category; Lukhumi Chkhvimiani in the -60kg category

Three Silver: Giorgi Papunashvili in the -90kg category; Phridoni Gigani in the -73kg category; Amiran Papinashvili in the -60kg category

Five Bronze: Levani Matiashvili in the +100kg category; Onise Saneblidze in the -100kg category; Nugzari Tatalashvili in the -81kg category; Mariam Chanturia in the -70kg category; Lasha Chaduneli; Temur Nozadze in the -60kg category.

By Benjamin Music

02 April 2018 03:50