Georgia’s Most Dangerous Road Receives New Tunnel

Transit vehicles will receive a new road designed to accommodate the increased demand for traffic between Georgia and Russia. The Georgian government has released a press statement confirming the allocation of state funds for the construction of the road, which will include Georgia’s longest tunnel.

Besides transportation of goods and cargo, the road connects to the main national highways serving important Georgian cities and allows for smooth travel between them. The already existing parts of the road will undergo a maintenance project to increase the quality of the street allowing for shorter travel times. Over 53 million lari have been allocated for the project, which translates to roughly 21.6 million dollars. The money is taken from 2018 state budget.

The Ministry for Regional Development and Infrastructure, under Zurab Alavidze, has announced the details of the new road, which will run from Kazbegi to the Upper Lars at the Russian border. The main feature, as well as constructional masterpiece, will be a 9 kilometer-long tunnel, covering more than one-third of the 23 kilometer-long road. The allocated budget also envisions the set-up of regular maintenance works to ensure the high quality of the new street for many years to come.

The tunnel allows a reduction of traffic on secondary roads, which are mainly used for locals and people from surrounding towns. The current road is famous for its high death toll and has often been cited by foreign news as being one of the most dangerous in the world. This is insofar dangerous, as many tourists regularly use the road to reach the popular Gudauri ski resort, thus allowing for a safer and quicker ride.

The highway, which also passes by Pasanauri, the town credited for the invention of Georgia’s famous Khinkali dumplings, is currently the only road connecting Russia and Georgia, as the illegal authorities of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have closed the connecting roads for transit. The road even symbolizes an indispensable connection for Armenians traveling to Russia.

By Benjamin Music

Photo: Tbilisi Core

28 March 2018 14:54