Occupation Victims' Park to Be Opened in Tbilisi’s Ponichala

Tbilisi Mayor’s office will soon open a new park in Tbilisi’s Ponichala district, Krtsanisi, dedicated to the victims of occupation.

Mayor Kakha Kaladze, his deputies and the district governor looked around the territory where the park arrangement works are underway.

Krtsanisi district administration started construction of the park last year. An 8000 square meter recreational zone has already been arranged and the lighting network and the irrigation system installed.

Around 15 species of trees, including bush plants, have been planted, and a fountain has been built.

"I have a proposal for this park to be named after the victims of occupation. We will announce a contest to name of the park and a competition for the memorial of the victims. We have a lot of heroes who lost their lives fighting occupation in the war, but it is a greater catastrophe still when people die due to occupation during time of peace,” the Tbilisi Mayor stated.

By Thea Morrison

26 March 2018 10:38