National Bank to Issue Collector Coins Dedicated to Georgia’s Independence Day

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) reports that it is to issue 10-Lari denomination collector coins dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of Georgia on May 26.

A fluttering national flag and the State emblem, the heraldic symbols of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in the years of 1918-1921, are to make up the main composition of the coin.

The coin will also have following inscriptions: "26 May," "1918," "Democratic Republic of Georgia" and "10 Gel."

On the reverse face, the coin will feature the recent state heraldic symbols of Georgia - the flying flag and the Coat of Arms of Georgia. The following inscriptions will also be placed:"Sakartvelo," "10 Lari," "2018" and "GEORGIA ".

The author of the coin design is Mamuka Gongadze and it will be struck in the FNMT-RCM (Mint of Spain).

“Sales will commence on May 15th at the National Bank of Georgia Cash Center and Money Museum in Kvareli. The coin can also be purchased in the online store. The price of the coin is 100 Lari,” the statement of the NBG reads.

By Thea Morrison


23 March 2018 08:15