Mayor: C.T. Park Employees to Continue Work in Tbilisi Transport Company

Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze says that 120 employees of parking regulatory company C. T. Park will continue working in Tbilisi Transport Company, which will be managing parking in the capital from April 10, after the City Hall abolished the contract with the company.

“These 120 people, working for C.T. Park will not be affected by the actions of their company, so they will be employed in Tbilisi Transport Company. For me, as the Mayor, the fate of every citizen is important,” Kaladze stated.

The mayor also addressed the Head of Tbilisi Transport Company to arrange parking in the capital and get everything ready by April 10.

The contract between the City Park Company and the Mayor’s Office was signed under the previous Government in 2007, giving the company exclusive rights to manage parking services in Tbilisi until 2022.

However, Kaladze announced on March 12 that the company failed to properly fulfill its obligations, adding the contract would be abolished.

City Park stated Kaladze’s decision is “illegal and politically motivated,” adding the City Hall is an example of how the Georgian Government treats foreign investors. 

The company filed a statement to the City Hall, asking for postponement of contract abolition.

The lawyer of the company, Natia Tskepladze stated they filed a lawsuit to the court, asking Mayor to suspend the contract abolition process until the dispute is over.

However, the mayor said he would not change his mind, stressing from April 10 C.T. Park would no longer operate in Tbilisi.

By Thea Morrison

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22 March 2018 14:15