Economic Migrants Receive Government Housing

53 eco-migrant families will receive government-funded housing in the Samegrelo region, located in the Western part of the country. The Government announced today that they will help families by allocating funds of up to $10,000 for a house, which they can choose.

The Government is trying to focus on houses with a small agricultural plot adjacent to it for farming opportunities and other agricultural activities to achieve a small level of self-sufficiency. Minister Sozar Subari has met the affected families in Samegrelo in order to gain a personal understanding of the situation.

The project is led by the Ministry of Refugees, which has financed over 1,000 houses for eco-migrants since 2013. Further plans include house purchases in the Adjara region next to the Black Sea. The Government aims to purchase at least 445 houses for additional shelter opportunities for other eco-migrants. Out of these 445 houses, 70 have already been acquired.

By Benjamin Music

21 March 2018 17:36