So-called 'Border-crossings' Temporarily Closed During Illegal Election Participation

The illegal authorities of occupied South Ossetia have closed the checkpoints between South Ossetia’s illegal borders to Georgia over the weekend. The authorities justified this action by highlighting the increased security measures in place for the Presidential elections in Russia yesterday.

The State Security Committee report reads, "due to stepping up security measures during the period of important socio-political events in the territory of South Ossetia, from 21:00 on March 17, movement of citizens will temporarily be suspended at border crossing points of the state border with Georgia. The checkpoints will resume work at 06:00 am on March 19.” 

This statement is another paradoxical declaration by the occupying forces of South Ossetia, which attempts to consider itself its own republic. Not just is this claim unsupported and condemned by Georgia and the International Community, but as such, it is inconsistent, as an independent republic would not be able to vote for another countries President. 

Similarly, Abkhazia’s so-called President voted on Sunday in the Russian Presidential elections, creating the same confusion and incompatibility as the authorities in South Ossetia.


By Benjamin Music

19 March 2018 16:03