MFA on Russian Presidential Elections in Georgia’s Occupied Territories

On March 18, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia released the statement on the Presidential elections of the Russian Federation being held in Georgia’s occupied territories.

In the statement, the MFA strictly condemns holding the Presidential Elections of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories of Georgia, where 33 polling stations were illegally opened. According to the MFA statement, this action should be considered as a clear demonstration of the ongoing occupation of the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions, and demonstrates yet another step towards their factual annexation by the Russian Federation. 

Furthermore, the MFA mentioned the Russian Federation holding its parliamentary and Presidential elections in Georgia’s occupied territories when the population that have remained in the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions have been the subject of illegal and forceful mass passportization, implemented by Moscow since 2000s.

 “With such actions, the Russian Federation fully disregards the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act, and blatantly violates the fundamental norms and principles of international law, such as sovereignty and territorial integrity, inviolability of internationally recognised borders and non-interference in the internal affairs of another state. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia appeals to the international community to give a due assessment to the illegal actions of the Russian Federation in the occupied regions of Georgia that undermine the international law and rules-based international order.” - the statement reads.

By Nia Pataraia

19 March 2018 10:28