Minister: Ski Resort Gudauri Functions as Usual

First Vice-Premier, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitry Kumsishvili says that the whole Gudauri ski resort, as well as all the other ropes, function as usual after March 16 accident, which left 11 people injured.  

“People are skiing and they continue their holiday,” Kumsishvili stated at Gudushauri Clinic where he has visited the injured visitors.

According to the minister, he invited the injured visitors to Georgia next year and they agreed.

The other tourists, who witnessed the accident, say they will continue their holiday in Georgia’s one of the most famous ski resorts.

“We arrived in Gudauri a few days ago from India. We saw what happened on Friday but despite this, we are going to stay here and have a good time. We like the ropes and infrastructure, the weather is good and the most important thing is that people are very hospitable here,” one of the tourists told IPN.

Ski lift in Gudauri winter resort went out of control when the holidaymakers were skiing. As it is known, 11 people in total have been injured in a rope way crash in Gudauri resort. One of them is the citizen of Sweden, 6 - the citizens of Russia and 4-the citizens of Ukraine. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs launched an investigation into the case of Gudauri in accordance with Article 275 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies violation of the safety or operation of the railway, water, air or cable traffic movement.

Private company RED-CO has released a statement regarding the accident in Gudauri, saying they wish speedy recovery to the injured tourists and invite all of them to spend holiday next winter at Gudauri Resort Residences & Spa, a multi-functional residential and hotel complex, for free.

By Thea Morrison

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17 March 2018 21:55