Russian Occupation in Georgia Condemned by NATO

NATO’s annual report has condemned Russia’s occupation of Georgian territory, using it as another example of Russia destabilizing the nations sovereignty.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterates the support of the UK’s actions against Russia after the nerve agent incident this week. “All Allies agree that the attack was a clear breach of international norms and agreements,” continuing by calling “on Russia to address the UK’s questions.”

The report has also mentioned the incident in the UK, where a nerve agent incident has poisoned a Russian citizen living there, presumably conducted by Russian authorities. The Western world has collectively condemned Russia and supports the UK in this matter, although an official proof of Russia’s involvement is pending. Stoltenberg, however, pointed to the unusual way the poison was used, making government involvement highly likely. "It was the first offensive use of a nerve agent on Alliance territory since NATO’s foundation”, commented Stoltenberg.

The assumption of Russian involvement comes as the nerve agent incident fits into "a reckless pattern of Russian behaviour over recent years.”

Russia has repeatedly destabilized global conflicts, alongside breaching other nations sovereign territory. “This behaviour includes the illegal annexation of Crimea and military support to separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The military presence in Moldova and Georgia against these countries’ will. Meddling in Montenegro and elsewhere in the Western Balkans. Attempts to subvert democratic elections and institutions. And the military build-up from the North of Europe to the Middle East,” Stoltenberg stated.

Furthermore, NATO warns about the likelihood of nuclear arsenals in combination with conventional warfare increasing the likelihood of an eventual employment of such arms.

By Benjamin Music

Photo source: Hürriyet Daily News

16 March 2018 12:46