Russian Foreign Ministry: "UK are Fully-Fledged Liars"

Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, claimed the UK to be 'fully-fledged liars" after British PM Teresa May told MPs that Russia had provided "no explanation" as to how the nerve agent, which has left two people gravely ill in hospital, came to be used in the UK, describing Moscow's response as one of "sarcasm, contempt and defiance". 

In a live show on state TV, Zakharova said the UK has no idea about professionalism or diplomacy, and that Russia would take "fitting... symmetrical measures that are completely appropriate for the situation".

This came amid headlines from many different Russian media sources stating Zakharova had said "No one can issue 24-hour ulimatums to Russia..."

By Tamzin Whitewood

Photo source: Sputnik

14 March 2018 21:49