Georgian Artist to Exhibit in Berlin

New York-Based Georgian Artist Levan Songulashvili is set to present some of his latest works at a modern art venue in Berlin later this week. 

The pieces explore the idea of water and will be curated into an exhibition space of 68 projects in the Galerie Kornfeld. 

Art critics have shared their insights into his creations. 

“The show combines powerful, life-affirming color compositions by Awe, with the black and white philosophical approach to painting by Songulashvili,” said one. 

“The motives and emotional medium is water, its energy, its depth and intangibility, its fire, its colors,” said another. 

The young Artist has been described by the Berlin gallery for his use of color and depiction of reality as "one of the most promising contemporary artists of today.” 

The works to be displayed have been shown in Georgia and the United States in recent years. 

The venue’s statement of the artist reads “in Levan Songulashvili’s work, everything is revealed and made visible; including colors that meld into the shadowy, suggestive, changeable; and back to that dreamlike realm where knowledge and ignorance, where the conscious, half-conscious and unconscious, flow underwater.” 

Some of his works will be on show in Tbilisi’s ERTI Gallery next month. 

By Tom Day 

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13 March 2018 14:15