Opposition Criticizes Kremlin's Response to Georgian PM's Appeal

Georgian opposition parties have negatively assessed the statement of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, made in response to Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili’s recent appeal. The statement reads that Georgia is ready for direct dialogue with the breakaway Abkhazia and Ossetia, noting that a constructive approach from the Russian side would be welcomed in this context.

“Nobody should have doubts that Russia is interested in improving relations with neighboring Georgia and is ready to go as far as Tbilisi is” Russia responded.

However, the opposition parties believe that the statement from the Kremlin contains “signs of danger,” and is ridiculous as it occupies Georgia’s two separatist regions, Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.

“By making the unadvised, irresponsible and credulous statement, Giorgi Kvirikshvili gave Russia yet another argument and quotation, which will be used against Georgia,” said Giga Bokeria, leader of the European Georgia opposition party.

Another opposition party, United National Movement (UNM) says the statement from the Kremlin harms Georgia’s interests and image.

“The Georgian PM’s statement gave opportunity to Russia to distance itself from the occupation issue, as if Russia has nothing in common with Georgia’s two occupied territories,” Salome Samadashvili from the UNM stressed.

The response from the Russian Foreign Ministry also reads that Kvirikashvili’s appeal regarding progress in the Geneva talks gives them hope for constructiveness from the Georgian side.

“We have stated before, and we reiterate our interest in reaching tangible progress in the Geneva International Discussions, and I have reaffirmed my commitment to my personal involvement to this end,” Kvirikashvili’s statement reads.

By Thea Morrison

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