Worker Dies at Zestaponi Ferroalloy Plant

A worker has died at the Zestaponi Ferroalloys Plant, located in West Georgia.

Davit Dzabiradze, 55, fell off of the building roof of the plant on Monday while he was performing his duties, changing the metal piles on the roof.

Information about the incident was released by the trade union of metallurgists, miners and chemists.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia stated that an investigation has been launched under the article 240 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages violation of safety norms in mining, construction or other work.

1,046 people died or were injured in the workplace from 2011-2016 in Georgia. The statistics of workplace injuries and deaths occurring in the mentioned period is as follows:

2011 – 54 people died and 137 were injured

2012 – 48 deaths and 289 injuries

2013 – 23 died and 11 workers were injured

2014 – 45 deaths, injuries - 75

2015 – 42 people died and 82 were injured

2016 – 58 died and 85 got injured.

The Georgian Trade Union claims that since 2007, more than 480 people have died in the workplace and around 800 have been seriously injured, with 40 workers dying in the workplace in 2017 alone.

By Thea Morrison

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13 March 2018 10:10