Georgian Qvevri Wine at London’s Artisan Wine Fair

Eight varieties of wine made in qvevris – clay pots – have been presented at the Artisan Wine Fair in London, United Kingdom. 

Held from March 11-12, the wine fair, which is more commonly known as RAW LINE, celebrates some of the best natural wines from around the planet. This year, over 150 wine makers exhibited the fruits of their labor. 

The Wineries from Georgia which were presented included Gotsa Family Wines, Babaneuris Marani, Natenadze’s Wine Cellar, Chateau Khashmi, Winery Ethno, Winery Velino, Nikalas Marani, and Winery Tibaani. 

Attendees of the fair had the opportunity to sample the wines and to lerarn about the process of making it, and about the origins of it, dating back some 8000 years. 

The event was organized by French Sommelier and Master of Wine Issabelle Legeron. 

By Tom Day 

Image source: Levan Totosashvili - (

12 March 2018 16:02