Number of Women Assaulted During Pregnancy Reaches 15,000 in Georgia

UNWOMAN: The number of women who are assaulted during pregnancy has reached 15,000 in Georgia, According to a new national study on violence against women in the United Nations.

2% of women who have been pregnant have stated that they have experienced physical violence at least once during pregnancy. As stated in the UNWOMEN document, 37% of them said that during pregnancy, they were beaten up. Mostly the bruises were on the stomach.

64% of women who were pregnant during the interview said that beating was part of the current cycle of violence that was carried out by the same person. Moreover, 6% said that violence during pregnancy was aggravated.

The survey was conducted by the UN Women, National Statistics Office of Georgia together with the European Union.

As a result of the survey, since 2009, the national scope of the spread of violence against women and attitudes towards this problem was reported for the first time. In addition, the study examined the spread of sexual harassment widespread in Georgia for the first time. The process of national research was carried out in 2017, and incorporated quantitative and qualitative methods. Around 6,006 women aged 15-64 were included in the research.

The survey was carried out jointly by the UN Women's Organization and Geostat in Georgia with the support of the European Union within the framework of the project "Fight Violence Together Against Women". 

By Nia Pataraia

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08 March 2018 19:48