Batumi Boy to Study at NYUAD, where only 3% of Students Worldwide Can Study

Davit Jintcharadze,18, is from the Black Sea city of Batumi, Georgia.

In 2017, he won in Flex and went to America to study for a year, where he says he gained a lot of experience.

“I tested my own abilities and adopted a western style,” he told GEORGIA TODAY.

After coming back, Davit realized that he wanted to find a place in the international arena and so he contacted ‘Education USA,’ which sent him information about the New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

“I needed to pass the SATs American test for selection,” he told us. “I prepared myself and bought books online. I knew I needed to spend months studying, because I really needed the top results. I was ready to make the necessary scarifices for my future education.”

Davit sent all of the required documents, including a personal statement essay, TOEFL certificate and recommendation letter, which had been written by his American teacher. Then he went to Abu Dhabi for a selection interview. As he said, two days were enough to find new friends. “I met numerous people from different countries and regions, including the Balkans, East Europe, Greece, Morocco and Korea.”

“On February 15, I received the acceptance letter with an offer of full funding. It took me a while to absorb the fact that they’d pay $80,000 for my studies!”

We asked Davit what his main reason was for choosing NYU Abu Dhabi.

“They know what a real educational system is,” he said. “It’s not necessary to show the numbers- the facts are clear.”

NYUAD is fully integrated with a liberal arts and science college. It has over 60 study clubs, providing a variety of opportunities for student involvement outside the classroom. The Abu Dhabi facility is one of the most selective schools in the world, admitting just 150 of 9,000 applicants per class.

Davit is planning to get an education in Europe and then return to Georgia.

“I want to tell as many people as possible about the Georgian culture, traditions and history,” he said.

Davit Jintcharadze is the only Georgian to date to be admitted into NYU Abu Dhabi.

Mariko Natsarishvili

08 March 2018 15:50