Cement Association: Most Cement on Georgian Market is Fake

The Cement Association of Georgia says 14 of the 25 tested samples of cement on the Georgian market failed to meet standards, while three showed minimum quality.

The study was carried out in December 2017, though it is not mentioned in the report which cement brands failed the test.

In a study held in April 2017, it showed that only eight of the examined 25 samples met the standards, while, according to an August 2017 study, only four brands meet the standards out of a total 27.

In all three cases, it turned out that instead of the basic components required for cement quality, cheap and low-quality materials had been used.

The 20% increase of fake cement on the Georgian market made it clear that the producers are trying to maximize their income at the expense of cheap and non-quality materials.

Last year, around 300,000 tons of cement was sold throughout the country, which is 13% of the total market.

According to the association, since 2017, coordination of quality control in the Georgian cement market is being implemented by LEPL Georgian Cement Association.

“The aim of the Association is to support Georgian producers in producing a product that responds to the standard of packaging. The agenda of the Cement Association of Georgia is also to work in close cooperation with government agencies and government sectors," the statement reads.

Paul Radianko, Head of the Georgian Cement Association says the Government of Georgia should take proper measures to better regulate the cement quality in the country.

“Of course, cement should be tested, but the monitoring of cement producing factories should also take place,” he stated.

The spread of fake cement on the Georgian market puts numerous new constructions at risk, and specialists say the blocks a buildings constructed using such low-quality cement will not be able to resist even the smallest of seismic activities.

A number of large cement companies are calling on the government to start monitoring cement factories in order to avoid fake and low-quality production in the country.

“The State should launch cement and concrete control and monitor construction carried out using these materials," the Director of the Georgian Building Group stated.

In total, there are around 30 cement factories in Georgia, but as yet there is no agency to periodically check the quality of produced cement and other construction materials.

Thea Morrison

08 March 2018 15:48