World Veterinary Association Launches Competition to Raise Awareness Vet Work in Georgia & Globally

April 28 is a very important day for the appreciation of work done by countless veterinarians around the globe, as we celebrate the World Veterinary Day. Organized by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the Organization of Animal Health (OIE), the day focuses on honoring the contributions by veterinarians to their profession as well as to the general society in which they operate.

On this occasion, WVA has launched the World Veterinary Day Award 2018, calling on veterinarians across the world to send in their best publications and contributions to the field. “The WVD 2018 Award will be given to the veterinary association who best promotes the theme of ‘The role of the Veterinary Profession in Sustainable Development to improve livelihoods, food security, and safety’ during the WVD.” Five criteria will be evaluated by the jury to select the winning submission: Contributions and achievements on the WVD 2018 theme; Involvement of relevant stakeholders and general public; Collaboration with the public health sector; Media coverage; and Follow-up initiatives. The deadline for submissions is May 31 2018, while they can take on different forms such as education sessions, statistical data or public performances.

In Georgia, animals and animal husbandry symbolize a vital role for rural populations where they are indispensable for their livelihood and access to food. Rural households value the independent security of livestock, ensuring a supply of resources to cope with agricultural crises, generate income through the sale of produce and fertilize the soil necessary for farming. Farms without the technological means to effectively work the land use animals for plowing and transport. The WVA continues to state the importance of husbandry for a growing global population, “it is estimated that the world population will reach 9.7 billion people by 2050 and the demand for animal protein and by-products will grow respectively.”

Veterinarians are essential to ensuring the health of animals by preventing and controlling diseases, thus securing the sufficient supply and the high-quality production of produce. Veterinarians often are exposed to long trips across the countryside to reach remote areas where people depend on their skills to improve livestock health, thus improving the welfare of households in these areas. In addition, the WVA considers a veterinary’s work a sustainable necessity as “they contribute to ensuring the existence of sufficient resources for future generations by supporting the development of sustainable, responsible and efficient livestock production systems.”

Rather unknown to the majority of people, veterinarians take up a crucial role in guaranteeing animal product quality and excellence at all stages of production to assure safe food for populations around the world. The advantages of a globalized world can rapidly become a problem if infected food products travel across markets, endangering numerous populations in different areas of the world at the same time. Veterinarians have developed elaborate and effective methods to control and inspect production processes for global safety and health standards.

Over recent years, Georgian veterinarians have founded numerous associations promoting their work and providing a platform for cooperation and development. In 2008, the start of a project between the Georgia Institute of Public Affair’s Georgia Rural Development Department, Colorado State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture was initiated, called National Animal Health Program, increasing the endeavors of regional associations by building organizational capacity and raising veterinary skills. To date, the program has established seven Veterinarian Regional Associations, combining a total of 270 veterinarians across Georgia.

World Veterinary Day also emphasizes the immense importance of job creation by the industry “delivering services for the benefit of society and all animals. These activities will contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as poverty, zero hunger, good health and economic growth.” The WVD is celebrated since 2000 to raise awareness and highlight the contributions by thousands of veterinarians in every corner around the world, from the outback of Australia to the steppe of Mongolia. Every year a new theme is chosen to raise awareness of the various aspects of animal care, such as pet vaccinations and surgery operations, done by veterinarians for all pet owners out there.

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08 March 2018 15:45