Tbilisi: Extreme Weather Forecast This Week

Meteorologists have warned citizens about approaching weather conditions, predicting strong winds combined with heavy downpour, and have even urged people to remain indoors. 

"On March 9, the weather conditions of the entire country will deteriorate rapidly. Rain is expected to be stronger, with fiercer winds,” Koba Partenadze said on behalf of the forecasters. 

Tbilisi is set to experience the extreme weather from March 9. 

“The strong wind is expected in the capital on March 9, at the end of the day. March 10 will see north-westerly winds of 20-25 meters per second, which is likely to exceed the high point of the Gregory 33 meters," he added. 

By Tom Day 

Image source: http://mantan-murid.blogspot.co.id

08 March 2018 11:29