Georgian Wine Wins Awards in Japan

Seven Georgian wines were selected among 4,342 from 33 countries, and were awarded double gold, gold and silver at Japan’s international wine competition – Sakura Award.

As the official web page of SAKURA Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2018 reads, the wines were assessed by 510 female juries on January 29-31, 2018.

Georgian National Wine Agency (NWA) reports that winning in such a prestigious competition promotes particular wine companies, as well as raises awareness and popularity of Georgian wine on the Japanese market.

The seven award-winning Georgian wines are:

Double Gold - Kisi 2016, Kindzmarauli Corporation;
Gold - Mtsvane 2016, Vaziani Company line, Makashvili Wine Cellar;
Gold -  Mtsvane 2015, Shalauri Wine Cellar;
Silver - Saperavi Rose 2015, Kindzmarauli Corporation;
Silver - Saperavi 2016, Vaziani Company line, Makashvili Wine Cellar;
Silver - Rkatsiteli Mtsvane, Shalauri Wine Cellar;
Silver - Kisi 2016”, “Vaziani Company.

The 5rd Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2018 is an international large-scale event which was held for the fifth time.

The international wine competition is judged by Japanese female wine specialists, sommeliers, wine writers and journalists.

By Thea Morrison


07 March 2018 08:46