Fire in Isani Warehouse

An area of 3000 square meters was burnt down in Nadareishvili Street in Isani, Tbilisi, yesterday, March 4. 30 fire-rescue brigades were mobilized early yesterday morning. The fire erupted in a Georgian Production warehouse, which makes materials for live-stock. 

The exact amount of damage and the cause of the fire is still unknown

The fire was localised and, as of yet, no one has been reported injured or hurt. Fortunately, there were no houses near the burnt warehouse. “There is serious damage, as we can see. No one knows the reason the fire started yet. The Government will support anyway they can and help to minimise the loss, "- said Kakha Buchukuri, Governor of Isani.

By Nia Pataraia

05 March 2018 12:24