A Story of Slovenia: Green, Active & Healthy


At last month’s B2B Luxury & Mice Workshops, GEORGIA TODAY met representative of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), Anja Bezgovšek, on hand to share the experience of her country and all the essentials necessary for successful tourism promotion.

What was the importance of participation in the Workshops?

The B2B Luxury & Mice Workshops offered representatives of Slovenian tourism providers and resorts the chance to get acquainted with local tourism companies interested in cooperation with Slovenia, and to establish partnership with them.

This is the first time Slovenia has participated in the B2B Luxury & MICE Workshops in Tbilisi. We see Georgia as a perspective market for Slovenian tourism, as Slovenia is distinguished for its diversity and landscapes. We offer tourists a variety of tourist products and each guest is sure to find something interesting there. This is the story of ‘Green, Active and Healthy’ Slovenia. We have a clear vision of developing Slovenia as a destination for 5-star experiences.

What appeals to Georgians in Slovenia?

Our tasty wine and food and our diverse nature, which is quite similar to that of Georgia. I think they feel comfortable with us.

How do Slovenians feel in Georgia?

People are very open, smiley and friendly here. We feel very welcome in Georgia.

What are the main reasons for Slovenians to visit Georgia?

Georgia is one of the emerging destinations for Slovenians. Slovenians often travel individually or in small groups and are interested in getting acquainted with new countries, as they look for experiences with a difference. My friends and acquaintances who have travelled to Georgia come back with numerous positive impressions, emotions and great satisfaction from their trips.

How do you promote your country?

Slovenia is a green boutique global destination for high-end visitors seeking diverse and active experiences, peace, and personal benefits. We are promoting Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination for 5-star boutique experiences for demanding visitors seeking high-quality diverse and active experiences and innovative products of higher added value, based on sustainable development. Apart from that, in 2018 and 2019, the central promotional topic is culture (cultural tourism), which means positioning Slovenia as a recognizable cultural destination.

The STB aims to implement a clear, target-oriented, intensive modern promotion with the main focus on digital content marketing, for which almost 40% of its budget is earmarked in 2018. This will upgrade Slovenia’s visibility on social networks and in important media.

We decided to be a sponsor of the B2B Luxury & MICE Workshops to present and promote Slovenia more intensively, directly to the professionals of the tourist industry.

Which destinations are in high demand in Slovenia?

The most popular are Lake Bled, Postojna Cave and the capital Ljubljana. Lake Bled is situated in the Alps and has a small island in the middle with a church wishing bell. There is a traditional boat called ‘pletna’ which takes passengers to the tiny island so they can ring the bell and make their wishes come true. There is also an old 11th century castle at the lake with a nice museum and restaurant overlooking the lake and mountains. In 2016, Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital, so it is a very sustainable city and we are proud of the title. It’s a very nice medieval city on the riverbank of Ljubljanica. The Postojna Cave System is about 24 km long and is quite close to the capital. You can take a small train on a journey into the cave. Inside, you might see the “human fish,” a big pull for visitors.

We don’t have masses of tourists coming to Slovenia, but we do see a lot of people looking for diversity and individual experiences. This is one of our strengths. Recent statistics show that in 2017, we had almost 12 million overnight visitors and the numbers are going up all the time. Slovenia is one of the most interesting destinations, and tourists from long-distance markets often combine Slovenia with Croatia and the neighboring countries.

Sopio Javakhishvili

01 March 2018 18:39