ProCredit Bank Focused on its Co-Finance & Direct Banking Projects

On February 28, ProCredit Bank Head Office held a press conference led by the management of the bank: Alex Matua, Qetevan Khuskivadze, David Gelashvili and Natia Tkhilaishvili.

Directors of ProCredit bank discussed the growth of their credit portfolio in 2017, which increased to 15% and exceeded all managerial expectations of the financial year.

Addressing the press, Director of ProCredit bank Alex Matua reviewed several projects such as the ‘Co-Finance’ initiative. In his speech, he stated that 2017 was a very productive and financially affluent year. After changing its business strategy, ProCredit Bank stopped all microfinance projects and put all their resources into the development of small and medium sized businesses. “We do not cooperate with or finance anyone other than our own segment,” he said.

In collaboration with ProCredit Bank Germany, the “Co-Finance” project helped many small and medium sized enterprises. Furthermore, Matua mentioned that one of the main strategies of the bank is to finance hydroelectric constructions, electric cars and other energy efficient projects in general.

Natia Tkhilaishvili, also Director of ProCredit Bank, stated that nowadays, people have less time to visit bank branches, and ProCredit has found a solution for this issue. The Direct Banking model offers its consumers access to their personal accounts and the ability to manage any kind of bank transaction for free and get exclusive terms on mortgage, investment loans, etc. The ProCredit Bank management group believes that these changes will bring a positive growth to the bank and highly benefit the bank’s customers.

Nia Pataraia

01 March 2018 18:34