Mundus Vinis Winetasting Event from Winery Khareba

The 22nd tasting of MUNDUS VINI wine took place between February 20-25, in Neustadt, Germany, where more than 6,700 varieties of wine from 150 different regions of the world were presented. As part of the event, a presentation and tasting of wines from Winery Khareba was held on February 24. During the presentation, wine experts had the opportunity to taste 12 different types of Georgian traditional and European type wines from the Khareba winery. 

The Grand International Wine Awards MUNDUS VINI has been taking place since 2001, and is considered one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world. It aims at finding and promoting high-quality wines. Tasting takes place by a highly qualified international jury of experts invited from various countries, which includes winemakers, professional wine merchants, wine stewards and experts. Blind wine tasting method is used and the products are distributed in accordance with category, origin, quality level and aroma, while evaluation is carried out using a 100-point system of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). The award is extremely prestigious worldwide, assisting companies in various marketing activities. 


Khareba winery has been participating in this event since 2012, and has received over 15 major awards. The Chief winemaker of the company, Vladimer Kublashvili, is a member the of MUNDUS VINI judges. 

Wine producing company Winery Khareba is based on ancient traditions. The company strives towards the preservation of unique vine varieties and wine production using both ancient traditional methods as well as modern technologies and produces over 40 varieties of wine.

27 February 2018 17:21