Georgian Asks HBO to Make TV Series Based on Poem Knight in Panther's Skin

A Georgian citizen has started a petition on the ‘Care 2 Petitions’ web page, asking American satellite television network HBO to make a TV series about the legendary medieval Georgian poem ‘Knight in the Panther’s Skin.’

The petition reads that Knight in the Panther's Skin was written in the 12th century by Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli.

“It is considered the biggest work of Georgian literature, and it is also a work which could be considered one of the most important examples of the history of poetry,” the author says.

She also says that the text is important for its style and the morals developed in it.

“The 12th-13th centuries were considered the Georgian Golden Age, before the Renaissance era started in Europe. During this time, Georgia had a woman ruler - King Tamar (not queen), and many believe the poem is based on her,” the petition reads.

According to the author of the petition, the poem introduces different beliefs which were difficult to adapt to during that time, such as equality between men and women.

“The plot itself is very interesting, which takes place in imaginary countries. The idea of screening the poem has always scared Georgians because they worry the importance will be lost,” she said.

She was inspired to contact HBO after watching one of the most popular TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’, a medieval fantasy epic of seven kingdoms. “It became more than just imagination that someone could shoot a TV series according to the Georgian poem.”

“It would be much appreciated if HBO would at least consider the idea,” she wrote in her petition.


By Thea Morrison

26 February 2018 08:29