Adjara Textile Opens New Enterprise in Georgia’s Black Sea Town Poti

With the support of the state-led program Produce in Georgia, Adjara Textile have opened a new enterprise in Georgia’s Black Sea coastal town of Poti.

The first Vice-Premier of Georgia and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Dimitry Kumsishvili, took part in the opening ceremony on February 22.

The event was also attended by Adjara Textile founder Kemal Bilgingulluoglu and Nike Ema Regional Director Kaner Soitas.

According to the Minister of Economy of Georgia, Adjara Textile will supply such large brands as New Balance and Under Armour.

The Minister explained that 25 million GEL has already been invested in the enterprise, adding that upon the total completion of the enterprise, an additional 15 million GEL will be added to the primary investment.

“The new enterprise of Adjara Textile, equipped with the high-standards technologies, will allow us to significantly increase export and create jobs. 3000 people will be gradually employed as a result” Kumsishvili stated.

“This is a really obvious example and a confirmation that the business develops where there is a desire and good planning. Every single Lari in this enterprise will not only benefit the employed people, but in the end, every citizen of Georgia," he added.

According to Kumsishvili, the reforms implemented in the country show that the Government's priority is freedom of business and its promotion, especially in the regions.

“Exports from Georgia last year amounted to $90 million, which is certainly growing this year,” the Minister said.

Adjara Textile is an 100% export-oriented company that already cooperates with international companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lotto, Erma; and carries out realization of production made in Georgia.

The company produces 10,000,000 units of production per year, and the volume of production will be significantly increased by the introduction of new high-quality machinery.

The company already has two sewing factories in Georgian cities of Batumi and Kobuleti, where 2,500 people are employed.

GEORGIA TODAY received the following comment from the Turkish Embassy:

"The Adjara Textile’s new factory in Poti is a great example of Turkish investments in Georgia. At the first stage, 1.500 people will be employed, after the completion of the second stage of the factory in 2019, 3.000 Georgian citizens will be employed. The Adjara Textile has already been operating in the Georgian market since 2008, with its two factories in Batumi and Poti. All products are labeled 'Made in Georgia.' Furthermore The Ajara Textile contributes significantly to female employment in Adjara Region since most of the workers in the factories are women.

"Georgia and Turkey have exemplary relations and close cooperation in every area. Economic relations between Turkey and Georgia has boosted with the signature of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2007. Since then, Turkey has become the largest trade partner of Georgia every year. The annual bilateral trade volume is about 1.5 billion USD and we would like to increase this amount to 2 billion USD.  In terms of investment, Turkish investments rank among the first three countries in every term. Technical teams of two countries have been working to deepen the scope of the FTA. Moreover, Joint Economic and Trade Commission was established in 2017 between Turkey and Georgia aiming at developing direct contacts between the institutions, the enterprises and the economic units of both countries in order to increase bilateral cooperation.

"Georgia is one of the most suitable countries to invest with its business friendly environment, reliable tax policy, appropriate labor costs, low energy costs and preferential access to the EU and Chinese markets, all of which attract Turkish businessmen and investors. In this regard, there are more than 30 Turkish companies in Georgia with over 1 million USD in capital. In addition, more than 1.000 Turkish companies operate in the country as small and medium size enterprises. In 25 years, more than 200 projects were realized by Turkish companies in Georgia, amounting to approximately 2 billion USD. The activity areas of Turkish companies mainly focus in construction, tourism, textile, food manufacturing and energy sectors."


By Thea Morrison

23 February 2018 15:16
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