Korean Peace Marathoner on his Experience in Georgia

Dr. Song InYeup, Professor of the Korean National University, Friendship Ambassador of KoreaVolunteer Organization International (KVO International), Chief Representative of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) recently visited Georgia together with Korean peace marathoner and writer Mr. Kang MyongKu, as a part of the Run-Eurasia-16,000km-Peace Marathon. The marathon is on from September 1, 2017- October 31, 2018. Georgia was the 9th country on their list of 18 countries to run through and they arrived in January, alongside Mr. Park HoJin, Mr. Kang MyongKu’s manager. The 14-month running marathon encompasses The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, China, North Korea and eventually to South Korea (Seoul).

The Run-Eurasia-16,000km-Peace Marathon participants say it is “the first and most difficult adventure in the long history of Mankind and serves as a chance to spread the atmosphere of Korean peaceful unification for world peace by removing the bad vestige of World War II.”

“We run not just for a Guinness Record, or for sportsmanship, but for world peace and the peaceful unification of Korea,” Dr. Song InYeup told GEORGIA TODAY. “We want to spread peace along our route through Eurasia and we are sure our story will inspire young people to adventure and encourage them to consider world citizenship. Georgia, is so peaceful, pretty and grand, lying between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains. Its people we met running along the road are so kind and generous,” he added.

“For me, Georgia is mystic, because it is connected with Greek mythology, especially Prometeus who gave fire to humans for the first time and was punished by Zeus, chained to the summit of Mr. Kazbegi,” said Mr. Kang. “I enjoyed running all through Georgia.”

They continued the Peace Marathon in Azerbaijan, aiming to run 45 kilometers every day, then on to Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirkzstan, China, North Korea and ending the marathon in Seoul on October 31.

Dr. Song InYeup told us it was his first time in Georgia and he found himself so touched and impressed by the country, he came up with a poem dedicated to it.

“I was so greatly touched and impressed with the Georgian people’s kindness, the beauty of the land and quality of the wine, that I wrote a poem “Mystic Land, Georgia,” he said. “I hope your people like it and remember it as a poem of one Korean man who ran all through Georgia and fell in love with it!”

Mystic Land, Georgia

Dr. SONG InYeup

At the south of Mts Caucasus

Holding the Black Sea to the west

White clouds above our heads


Sipping wine

Talking warmly with strangers

Treating them as guests from God

Hey, Turks, Persia, Soviets

No more here, please

This is the Republic of Georgia, forever

Handing fire to Mankind

Prometheus already left

Helped by Heracles

Still, eagles fly over mountains

How grand, the sky-penetrating Kazbeg

You are there as you've ever been

It's Gergeti Chminda Sameba

That's watched here as it's ever been

Under the picturesque mountains

Red roofs here and there

It's Village Signagi, isn't it?

Hey, you

Who are dreaming of love and peace

Never hesitate to come here

Tossing round pebbles

Pretty voices, murmuring ripples

And blue waves

Why are you called "Black Sea"?

At Batumi

The foolish traveller becomes a blank

Shouting "Tamada"

We sing, sing and sing

"Tavisuplebas Dideba!"

Raise your toast high

We glorify freedom, freedom and freedom!!!

(2018.1.18, at the valley of Mts Caucasus

Congratulating KMK’s 5,000km on Eurasia-16,000km-Peace Marathon)

Nino Gugunishvili

22 February 2018 19:54