Germany Deports 65 Georgians for Violating Visa-Free Rules

Germany has deported 65 Georgians who had violated visa-free rules and stayed in the country longer than permitted 90 days in any 180 day period.

Moreover, the citizens of Georgia, who asked for the asylum in Germany, were also expelled.

The information was released by Georgia’s consulate in Germany.

“65 citizens of Georgia, who have violated the visa-regime of being in EU territory, were readmitted from the Federal Republic of Germany yesterday,” the consulate informs. 

The information was also confirmed by several Georgians living in Germany. They wrote in Facebook that Citizens of Georgia, who were subjected to readmission, lived in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Bürttemberg.

According to them, "there are plenty of cases in the administrative court and all the cases are resolved at a rapid pace."

Georgian media reports that among the deported are those living in Germany for years who were waiting for the asylum.

The official reason of mass deportation is an agreement between Germany and Georgia, which means deportation of Georgians who violate the visa-free regime.

General Consul of Georgia in Frankfurt Ioseb Chkhikvishvili responded to the deportation of Georgian citizens from Germany. According to him, among those 65 expelled, were Georgians from other countries, including Iceland too, which refused to give Georgians asylum.

The Consul general added that the next wave of deportation from Germany will take place on March 21.

“We do not know exactly who is on the list, because the German side is not obliged to inform us who they are going to expel,” he added.

According to Ioseb Chkhikvishvili, information on violations of citizens' rights was not reported to the consulate.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Kviris Palitra

22 February 2018 09:38