Gov't to Impose Increased Fines for Breach of Safety Norms at Construction Sites

The penalty on violation of security rules at construction sites has increased from 3000 to 30,000 GEL. The relevant changes will be reflected in the Code of Product Safety and Free Circulation.

According to the legislation, if the construction company refuses to fulfill the decision of the supervising body on construction suspension and continues construction process, this will result in a fine of GEL 50,000 instead of the existing 5000 GEL.

Additionally, sanctions will be tightened for unauthorized construction as well. In particular, penalty sanctions on carrying out illegal constructions on the state land will be increased from 10,000 to 25,000 GEL.

Also, the unauthorized construction and reconstruction of private property, which belongs to the third and fourth classes, will be subject to a fine of 20,000 GEL.

“If violations are detected, the construction company or the individual in charge will receive an official warning. In the case of a repeated violation, this will be followed by a fine,” Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze, stated when commenting on the issue.

Georgian Parliament Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze, told journalists, the changes will be reflected in the Product Safety Code, which will be added to the legislative package initiated on Labor Security, which will be discussed at the legislative body with the second hearing.

“Parliament will speed up hearings of the draft. This is a very painful issue for us. There are often fatalities at construction sites. The draft law initiated in parliament aims at correct regulation of the issue. It includes tightening of sanctions as well,” he added.

By Thea Morrison


19 February 2018 23:21