Hungarian PM Slams EU, UN for Allowing in Economic Migrants

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his government would oppose the efforts of the EU and the UN to expand migration around the world, as “Islam will soon knock on the doors of Central Europe,” he stated in his traditional message to the nation on Sunday, Associated Press reported.

Orban noted that “Christianity is the last hope of Europe,” and accused politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris of contributing to the “decline of Christian culture and the advancement of Islam.”

In his speech, he argued that “Islam will soon knock on the doors of Central Europe” both from the west and from the south.

He cited examples of how Western Europe is gradually becoming Muslim.

“Indigenous Germans are being squeezed out of Germany's largest cities, which are primarily occupied by migrants," the Hungarian PM said.

His speech was made ahead of the parliamentary elections, which will be held in Hungary in April.

Following the elections, Orban hopes to take the post of Prime Minister for the third time.

Earlier, Orban was heard to call refugees from the Middle East “invaders.”

“We do not consider these people Muslim refugees; we consider them Muslim invaders,” the Hungarian PM said. “They are economic migrants who are striving for a better life.”

The European Commission is preparing to make its decision on a lawsuit against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for failure to comply with the agreement of 2015 on the resettlement of refugees from Greece and Italy on the EU quota.

Dimitri Dolaberidze

19 February 2018 16:35