British Council Trains Managers, Festivals Producers & Journalists

As part of the British Council’s Selector PRO programme we organise professional development trainings for musical events managers, festivals producers, and journalists writing about music led by trainers from the UK.

On 6-8 February, Music Events Management Training gave participants a professional insight into the spectrum of event management, including event design and planning, audiences, marketing, promotion, people in live music, project management, health and safety, law and technology. The intensive course was designed and delivered by Dan Tsu (BIMM London/Lyrix Organix), event producer, promoter, CEO and educator.

On 8-10 February, Training in Cultural Journalism enhanced the existing knowledge in (music) journalism and enabled participants to develop practical skills in interviewing cultural figures, writing reviews, elaborating ethical questions. Training themes include music journalism specifications and techniques of the interview, vox pops, attending live concerts and writing reviews, ethical questions, critical discourse, etc.

The program Selector PRO aims to share the UK experience of managing music industry in order for the Georgian professionals to build on the existing knowledge and enhance their skills in the management of music industry.

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15 February 2018 18:42