“Country of Georgia Makes Pitch to Become Major Filming Destination”

In an article published on, Georgia is described as an up-and-coming filming destination for international filmmakers. The “rugged and beautiful nation nestled between the Caucasus Mountains” is now “on their minds when planning future productions,” the article says. 

It tells stories of filmmakers who instigated this interest. Firstly, cinematographer and director Phedon Papamichael is mentioned, who “first went to Georgia 19 years ago to shoot Nana Dzhordzhadze’s “27 Missing Kisses,” and recently shot for 15 days in the country for Levan Koguashvili’s “Brighton 4,” which is now moving to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach to complete the story about a Georgian Olympic wrestler visiting his son in New York.” 

Other filmmakers included are “French filmmaker Eva Husson,” and “Mike Downey, who has co-produced three films in Georgia and is about to start a fourth.” 

The article mentions that “substantial investments have been made in the country’s infrastructure,” and that “the movie sector has been enhanced with modern facilities companies, international-standard production service outfits and crews, who mostly speak English.” 

Georgia’s safety is mentioned by Turkish director Tolga Ornek, who is prepping a TV show to be shot here. “Ornek has no concerns about safety. “Georgia is extremely safe, incredibly friendly, and corruption-free,” he notes. “All the critical government offices dealing with film production are staffed by highly educated people with international sensibilities who are honest, candid and cooperative.”” 

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By Tom Day

13 February 2018 15:21