Ex-Colonel Says She Was Attacked by Killer

Former Colonel of 90s Georgian armed group Mkhedrioni, Dodo Gugeshashvili, who was shot along with her son on February 8, told the police she was attacked by the killer.

The information was released by Gugeshashvili’s lawyer, Gela Nikolaishvili.

Dodo Gugeshashvili’s health condition improved only two days ago, as the killer shot her in her lung and she had to undergo serious surgery. However, the ex-colonel’s 36 year old son, Nodar Gugeshashvili, died during the attack in their flat in Tbilisi’s Digomi District.

The Lawyer told the reporters that Gugeshashvili opened the door to the killer because she had known him for a long time, but could not have imagined he was a killer.

“The person, who shot Gugeshashvili and her son, was a hired killer, sent to them. As soon as the killer entered the flat, he took out the gun and shot the colonel and her son,” Nikolaishvili said, adding the motive of murder is unknown.

The Lawyer added that his client does not know the name of the murderer but can easily recognize him.

“The spread information that Gugeshashvili’s son was shot five times is a lie. He was shot once in his head and my client was also shot once,” Nikolaishvili underlined.

The former colonel was questioned by the police on Monday. Nikolaishvili also attended the process.

The police have launched an investigation into the fact of attempted murder and aggravating circumstances.

Dodo Gugeshashvili, nicknamed White Magnolia, took part in the Abkhaz war, defending Georgia’s territorial integrity. She was the member of the illegal armed group Mikhedrioni which was often accused of criminal activities, extortion, kidnaps  and violence.

By Thea Morrison

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