Turkish Citizen Kidnapped in Abkhazia

A 49-year-old Turkish citizen was kidnapped in Abkhazia on Friday evening. Selim Kaya left a café in Ochamchire with a local man whose name has not yet been released by the police. 

They drove away in a BMW, but were intercepted after a few minutes by two armed men in masks. They forced them to stop the vehicle and made the local man get out. They took the car and the Turkish man to an unknown location. 

The kidnappers couldn’t be found, despite tireless efforts of local police that night. 

The following day, the BMW was found on a road near the village of Beslakhuba. There were no signs of blood, but the windshield had been shot and a pistol was found in the car. The man is still missing.

By Tom Day

12 February 2018 15:57