Ukraine in “Transit Mousetrap” as Kyiv Realizes Consequences of a Quarrel with Poland

Former Minister of Transport of Ukraine, Evgeny Chervonenko, assessed today's economic situation of the country as a “transit mousetrap,” and urged Kyiv to realize the consequences of its quarrel with Poland.

Chervonenko said this on news channel NewsOne that after Poland stopped allowing the transit of Ukrainian trucks, Ukraine became trapped, having previously lost contact with China because of its policy towards Russia, through which eastbound transit was carried out.

“Hungarians: a long-paid departure, Romanians: tough. The Poles, who missed the most transit, locked us in a mousetrap. And do you want to quarrel further?” the Former Minister asked.

Last November, Poland blocked the transit of Ukrainian trucks through the country and recently, the resulting tension between Warsaw and Kyiv has only increased. In particular, Poland has repeatedly noted that it does not agree with the policy of the Ukrainian authorities and their interpretation of historic events. So, this week, the Polish Senate passed a law criminalizing the spreading of Ukrainian nationalist ideas.

In addition, since 2014, Kyiv has been pursuing a policy aimed at Russia; destroying economic, political and historical ties between countries. In particular, in the framework of the so-called “decommunization” in Ukraine, there has been a massive renaming of cities and streets; monuments are being demolished; and, last autumn, Kyiv banned the use of the term “Great Patriotic War.”

Dimitri Dolaberidze

08 February 2018 17:18