Former Colonel of 90s Armed Group and Her Son Shot

Former Colonel of 90s armed group Mkhedrioni, Dodo Gugeshashvili, and her 33 year old son, Grigol Gugeshashvili, were shot in their own flat on Wednesday.

Grigol Gugeshashvili died during the attack, while the former Colonel got injured and managed to leave the flat, asking for help.

After the neighbors called an ambulance and the police, Gugeshashvili was transferred to hospital where she underwent serious injury. Doctors say her health condition is grave but stable.

Georgian local media reports that the unknown attacker and the victims knew each-other well, as the man, who left the flat soon after the gunshots, entered the Colonel’s flat when the mother and son were at home.

Rustavi 2 reports that Gugeshashvili managed to shoot the attacker after she realized he killed her son. The broadcaster added she even told the police the name of the killer, before she was taken to the hospital.

One of the neighbors told media she saw a man running out of the Colonel’s flat, right after Gugeshashvili ran out screaming and asking for help.

“He was wearing a blue coat and was carrying a plastic bag. He ran quickly downstairs and went to the backyard,” the witness said.

The police have launched an investigation into the fact of attempted murder of intentional murder and aggravating circumstances. The motive of murder is still unknown.

Dodo Gugeshashvili, nicknamed White Magnolia, took part in the Abkhaz war, defending Georgia’s territorial integrity.

The establishment of the Mkhedrioni, an armed group similar to the militia gang, took place as Georgia moved towards independence in the final years of the Soviet Union. Its members were often accused of criminal activity, extortion and violence.

The armed gang had checkpoints on every road. Anyone they stopped had to pay a bribe to get through. Anyone transporting goods lost part of their load. Men fired guns into the air for no reason and fired at each other for less.

The Mkhedrioni were involved in drug smuggling and dealing, primarily heroin. They smuggled cigarettes and alcohol. They charged businesses for protection. There were robberies and kidnappings as well. Private cars and even public transport were hijacked for Mkhedrioni use. They also gained control of the lucrative business of petrol supply.

By Thea Morrison


08 February 2018 09:47